It Comes From Below

I recently returned from Run Camp: The Desert.  2 days of running in some of the world's worst conditions.  The elements: 96 degrees, 270+ feet below sea level, dry and unforgiving.  The conditions: no showers, no bathrooms, dehydrated food, camping with poisonous mammals and insects.  The experience was so intense and surreal that I am still processing it.  I will be blogging about it on Harlem Run and Women's Running in more detail, but I wanted to leave a short reflection here I wrote directly after completing the experience. 

10/23 5:10pm

Exhausted.  But realizing I have to keep pushing my limits.  I never imagined I would live this life.  I'm so honored and excited for where life has taken me.  But I want more.  As painful and awful as it was at points -- Run Camp made me feel alive.  I can't wait for what's next.