How do you create meaningful change?  How do you ensure that you leave your community (and this Earth) better than you found it?  For me, it is through fitness and mental health advocacy.  The #Harlem1Miler is my favorite day of the year and more important to me than my own birthday because of the impact that it has had on people, near and far.  

We created the event in 2015 when Harlem Run was presented with the rare and unique opportunity to make use of a pre-existing permit for Marcus Garvey Park.  Thanks to the Harlem Run and Harlem United community, we scraped together volunteers and produced a 150 person event.  This past June, year 2, we hosted over 500 people - adults, children, men, women, ranging from a few months old to 101 years old.

Click on the image below to see a beautiful recap of the day, put together by Amir Figueroa of Harlem Run.

Enjoy and see you next year!