Our town

This month has been one of the busiest to date.  Last year was a similar story - with the build up to the NYCM, time seems to go faster and my schedule gets packed with more fun events than the brain can process.  I'm still working on processing them.  While I do, I present to you a photo collage of everything that's happened.  Well.  Not everything.  But the highlight reel!  

I remember reading the play "Our Town" when I was in middle school (or high school) and loving it.  One line in particular sticks out that really haunts me (btw I would later find out that "Our Town" was one of my grandfather's favorite plays as well for the very same line).

"Does anyone ever realize life while they live it...every, every minute?"

I'm afraid that I don't.  I'm always focused on what's next.  But I hope to do better.

Photos by @themattpowers, @uarunning @mattryb, @alacrityamir, @gnp_photos and me :)

10/1 Battle of the Boroughs
10/8 Rock n' Roll Brooklyn Half
10/11 International Day of the Girl
10/14 Baltimore Running Festival
10/21 UA Run Camp
11/1 Run Westin NYC Marathon Shakeout
11/2 UA Brandhouse NYCM Speaker Series
11/3 Project Start on Good Day New York
11/6 NYCM
11/9 Launch Party for Candice Huffine, Women's Running Magazine cover model