She Knows Now

I've decided to make some changes.  And there are TWO moments that triggered them.


I recently was a guest panelist at the She Knows Now Summit, an event that challenged and inspired womxn to start their own "hero's journey," a philosophy by Joseph Campbell that unpacks how heroes are made. 

The summit featured womxn from various disciplines and diverse journeys who shared their stories, expertise, and passion.  I spoke on a panel with Claire Fountain about mindfullness in yoga/running (she spoke yoga, I spoke running) and the transferable lessons to real life.

After my panel, I stuck around for the rest of the day and was fired up by all that I was hearing and able to apply to myself!  I decided to take inventory of my life, my friends, my goals, my next steps.  A random list of things I've been wanting to do but avoiding came to mind:

 I want to learn to cook

I want to do a split! 

 I want to run the NYC marathon, even though I'm not in my best physical shape

I want to start blogging again - this time, with a vlog component



I recently became an ambassador for PROJECT START, a running initiative created by Candice Huffine in collaboration with Women's Running to encourage and inspire all womxn to lace up and just START!  Why not use Project Start as an opportunity to start other things I've been meaning to do?

SO, over the past week and a half I've begun to tackle this funky to do list.  I've started flexibility exercises thanks to youtube that I do daily, even though they are a painful reminder of how much longer I have to go.  I went grocery shopping at BJs on a Friday night recently and waited over an hour in line to get healthy food that I could start to cook.  I've committed to running the NYC marathon even though I am nowhere near the fitness level I was last year.  And I started this blog today with the below REALLY AWKWARD FIRST VLOG.

 Things I don't have

- ANY knowledge of how to vlog "correctly"
- ANY expertise with a camera
- ANY idea of whether this will work

Things I do have
- A voice and the desire to use it

Excited for this journey.  Share your thoughts and comments below..but please, be polite <3

~ PowderedFeet

PS Still trying to figure out how to enable comments...I'll get better at this - I promise!